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Usui Reiki Therapy

The Japanese Method

 Reiki is a gentle hands-on and non-invasive therapeutic treatment which offers multiple health benefits providing a state of  deep relaxation and relief from tension held in the both the body and mind. Combined with a personally tailored essential oil blend, diffused during the treatment, the benefits are greatly enhanced. Welcome to the deepest relaxation....

To discover more about the benefits of Reiki therapy, enhanced with tailored essential oil blends, select an image below
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Our brains are incredible, using a range of different electrical 'waves' during wake and sleep. Reiki induces a deep state of relaxation, allowing the brain to naturally move from the awake 'BETA' wave to the more relaxed 'ALPHA' wave state. This immediately initiates 'homeostasis' which is the re-balancing of the entire cellular system in the body. Essential oils, naturally complement and enhance this, especially when you have personally selected the blend you need. 

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Reiki enables the body and mind to deeply relax, initiating immune system repair and stimulate body responsiveness. This restores and strengthens the metabolic and lymphatic system helping the cells to remove toxins. Removal of physical and psychological burdens  bring relief on every level. The addition of a personalised essential oil blend diffused during the treatment, allows their beneficial compounds to be absorbed , enhancing cellular detoxification.

Pain Relief

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Energy Boost

Research about EEG records of brain activity show that clients engaged in Reiki treatments produce increased 'ALPHA' energy. This revitalises the cells and enhances blood flow by increasing oxygen supply, balancing energy and improving vitality. Allowing the cells to 'reset' and refresh promotes immune system repair too. The option to diffuse a tailored essential oil blend or single oil personally chosen to suit your needs, accelerate the benefits of this connected energetic boost.

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Reiki's increase of  homeostasis is a key element in tissue repair. Reiki rejuvenates the cellular system - stimulating cellular renewal, increasing circulation, and metabolic activation, enabling detoxification of connective tissues and muscles and activating tissue repair. Enhanced by a personalised blend of essential oils, the immune system is supported in its reboot and restoration, allowing for accelerated effects.

Tissue Repair


60 minutes



90 minutes


At Home

60 minutes


At Home

90 minutes


More About Reiki Therapy


Mikao Usui Sensei

Reiki' is the Japanese term for 'Universal Life Energy' and is often referred to as 'Reiki-Do' - the word 'Do' being derived from the Chinese 'Tao' meaning 'path' or 'way of life'  as in other Japanese practices such as 'Ju-do'  and  'Ken-do' .  Rooted in ancient Japanese healing traditions, Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui Sensei during his time in solitary meditation on the sacred Mount Kurama and follows a direct lineage of teachers. 

The bio-energetic principles of the practice focus on balancing the flow of energy through the cells. The holistic benefits of the treatment comfort and soothe mentally, physically and emotionally allowing the immune system to reboot and strengthen.

Reiki therapy is suitable for general well-being and relaxation and specifically can address and offer support for anxiety, stress, grief, insomnia and low mood. Relief from stress allows the physical body to release tension which can reduce pain and accelerate wound healing. Using the most gentle touch, Reiki uses the hands to lightly connect to specific areas of the face, head, torso, legs and feet. Its calming action enables a shift in neural frequencies which move through the body, activating its internal repair systems.  Enhancing the treatment with a personalised essential oil blend or choice of single oil - diffused ambiently throughout the treatment will accelerate and deepen the effects of Reiki, allowing for deeper relaxation and supported cellular renewal.

Reiki treatments can be used alongside medical treatments to support the entire body system during  healing process, helping to reduce any side effects of medications. As with all holistic therapies, Reiki will contribute to the recovery and strengthening of the entire body system.

Your Reiki treatment and consultation will last around either 60 or 90 minutes. We begin with an introductory consultation to define your specific needs, discuss any medical conditions or pregnancy - working with you to select your essential oils and determine the focus of your treatment. 

You don't need to remove any clothing during your treatment, in general, wearing loose comfortable old clothing is best. It's best to avoid heavy meals and alcohol in the hours leading up to your session.

Being content, warm and comfortable during your treatment is important for relaxation. The option to play music will help you to unwind or if you'd prefer not to have it, the treatment can be quiet, this also goes for talking. Remaining sensitive to how much you want to communicate is paramount, allowing you to gain the most from your experience.

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