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Fragrance Therapy

Exquisite functional fragrance applications, expertly crafted using the natural benefits

of essential oils to provide immediate, lasting relief & relaxation.

Handmade using Soil Association Certified organic & wild essential oils.

As a child I spent time gazing at flowers in my garden, smelling roses - pulling each heavy bloom down to my face and the feeling the cool petals on my face as I buried my nose into the velvety redness, inhaling deeply the sweet unforgettable scent.


From the moment I realised each plant had scent, I made time to stop and smell each one - not only to enjoy its fragrance but also as a way to remember each species. Some smelt sweet and good,  others more pungent and herbaceous. I noticed everything, how the scent of flowers after the rain was different than in the bright sun.

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Discover natural wellness ~ powered by plants 

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