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Introducing Myself


I’ve been fascinated by plants and working with them for as long as I can remember, using essential oils, flower essences and botanical dyes. I grew my first garden after my youngest son was born and spent hours with him watching and learning about the plants and shrubs I was growing. My connection to essential oils began shortly afterwards and quickly became not just a serious personal interest but a way to care for the general health of my family. Aches, pains, sores and bumps were all treated with essential oils and they established themselves as the primary source of medicine and means to soothe the soul and lift moods. 

In my career in Design Education, I specialised in using natural dyes and growing natural dye plants, learning this time about their beautiful colours and how to capture them on cloth. Working with and communicating about the infinite creative possibilities and multiple health benefits of the plant kingdom eventually led to my decision to commit fully to working independently with them for health and well-being.

I qualified as a Holistic Practitioner and established ‘Olemus Therapeutics’, opening my clinical practice and working with clients and essential oils therapeutically. Seeing people deeply experience multiple benefits from essential oil treatments, I knew I needed to share them beyond the treatment room. I decided to develop a therapeutic essential oil product in the form of a pulse point application and Olemus Botanicals  was born! Olemus Botanicals truly capture the essence of therapeutic oils gifted from nature.

Living in Cornwall I'm endlessly inspired by nature and the beautiful scenery which provides a perfect backdrop to connect deeply to each of the plant essential oils I work with.  I feel gifted by this wonderful connection to the natural world and feel it is this connection that is intrinsic to my practise, complementing and enhancing the development of my products as well as the treatments I provide.

 Based in the iconic Cornish harbour town of Falmouth, Olemus Therapeutics treatments can be given both at home and in clinic at the wonderful Wellness Hub Falmouth. You can make a booking here.

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